Lazy Sundays are the best!

After church Joseph decided to go for a ride to get E to sleep a bit (since he hadn't had a nap all morning!). So we drove to Kristy's Donuts in Point Loma (best cruellers EVER!) and after we grabbed a dozen and a coffee for me we started to drive around a bit. Joseph wanted to enjoy a view as he enjoyed his donut so we ended up on Harbor Island.

E woke up shortly after we parked and we went on a short walk and than played on the grass a bit. This is why I love living in San Diego! It was so nice right by the bay. The view was fantastic and E got a kick out of the grass and the breeze.

After we left the island we went to Starbucks to quench Joseph's thirst with iced tea and than drove home. E LOVES iced beverages... I think it's his "thing"... you know, some babies like lights, others like fans, E likes iced beverages! Video to come soon (in a separate post) once I figure out how to get it from my email to my computer w/o buying a package for QuickTime 6.5. Enjoy your Sunday!

Mommy and E by the boats on our walk

Daddy and E enjoying the shade

Looking at the boats with Daddy

Contemplating life

Life is good... lets take a shnooze

Daddy enjoying a cool iced tea to wash down the donuts

E enjoying Mommy's iced tea

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Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

i miss you, E, J, and iced tea! aaaahhhhhh babies and iced tea, they don't have them here <3