Dear E: Sixteen Weeks

You're a screamer! Haha... this week has been filled with shrills, shrieks, and squeals of joy. Daddy says you've finally found your vocal cords. Yeah, we know you cry occasionally but not enough to really let us know if your vocal cords are working properly. So this week you decided to show us that you're not just a babbler... you like to yell too!

You are also becoming a fairly regular giggler as well. Mommy or Daddy will play with you and roll you around on our bed and you just giggle and giggle forever :) You also giggle when we're changing your diaper (insert shriek here as well) and when I give you Eskimo kisses.

We got you a jumperoo since you loved the one we tried out at Toys R Us. Don't worry baby, we got it off of Craigslist for way cheaper than retail ;) Mommy washed the fabric seat in the washer and sprayed down the toys with vinegar, water and a little tea tree oil. We let it dry all night and it was ready to go for you today. As you can tell from the picture Daddy had to improvise and give you a box to use while you played (it's your own version of Wii Fit!). You aren't quite heavy enough/tall enough to touch the ground on your own (weight recommendation starts at 18 pounds for this thing...). I'm sure you'll be touching the ground in a month's time, though.

You've become quite the entertainer. You like to interact with everyone and everything. You are constantly wanting us to bend over to let you play with something on the coffee table/countertop/wall/etc. You are also starting to smile at strangers. Anyone can come up to you and say hi and you'll greet them with a big grin! So sweet!

You also love to pull blankets and sheets up to your face to rub around. You laugh and giggle whenever we put sheets over your head. You even like to have a (clean) diaper over your face when we're changing you sometimes... we should definitely get a picture of that :)

I haven't gotten a picture yet but you're also tripoding already!! You so want to sit up on your own... you're starting to prop yourself up with your hands for now. You usually last about 5-10 seconds before toppling over but it's a start! You definitely prefer to sit up if Mommy and Daddy are sitting up. You also prefer to play this way as well. Hopefully we'll get a picture of it soon so we can post it. Instead I'll post a really cute picture of you zonked out for a nap:

Mommy is quite excited about next week, little one. She's going part time!! Yup, she only has to work Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so she can be home with you more :) On Monday G-Pa is watching you for the first time. In fact, he's the first person to watch you alone without Mommy or Daddy. I'm sure you'll do great with him. And on Wednesday you get to spend the whole day with Grandma Ann! How fun is that?

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