Dear E: Thirteen Weeks Old

You are getting so much more playful, Mr. E! You love to look all around and are even starting to get interested in toys. You have been grabbing onto Sophie the Giraffe and sticking her in your mouth to chew on her. You are starting to pick out patterns and try to "grab" at them. You love looking at the safari pattern on your boppy and had a great time when we put your swim trunks on you :)

We put you in your ducky tub for a quick splash to cool off outside. You weren't too sure about it but didn't complain.

We went over to Auntie T's house this week to do make a super secret present for Daddy for Father's Day. You had fun talking up a storm with her and showing her how you laugh already. She couldn't believe it but she heard it for herself so she knows its true. You love to laugh and smile. It's only a little chuckle but we know you're laughing. You got to play with Isabelle for a little bit and she showed you a few of her toys and even sang you a song or two.

We're starting to notice that you have a hard time getting up in the morning. We unswaddle you when you start to struggle in the mornings and than you stretch for about 1/2 an hour and than start to wriggle around as if you're trying to fight waking up for as long as possible (usually another 1/2 an hour). Than you finally wake up and when you see Mommy or Daddy you smile so big! It's a wonderful thing to wake up to. Mommy and Daddy just want to stay in bed with you all morning and play :) (Sometimes we do!)

We play with Sophie (while Daddy tries to go back to sleep)

No such luck, Daddy! We'll attack you if you go back to sleep (with our drooly tongues!)

Mommy likes to talk and sing with you in bed while Daddy takes his shower

Mommy went back to work this week and it was really hard on me. I came home from lunch every day to nurse you and to put you down for your afternoon nap. Daddy did great though and is really enjoying this time he has with you. You go on walks, clean the house, make dinner and nap together. I'm sure he'll start to get more adventurous and take you out once or twice (besides the grocery store) while he's home with you.

Mommy has Wednesdays off so she gets a little break in the work week to spend with you. It makes it more bearable for her :) I'm sure you don't mind much. You have no problems taking a bottle (any way you get food is good with you!) and are an angel for Daddy.

I am sure you've grown at least an inch or two because you are looking huge! And you have had to gained at least 2 pounds because you are getting sooo heavy! Can't wait to take you back to the doctor to see how much you really have gained. You're also starting to get a bit more fuzz on your head. Not quite sure if we can call it hair yet :) It's coming in golden blonde just like when Mommy and Daddy were little. We wonder what it's going to turn to (if it turns at all). Your feet and hands are getting bigger. Having bigger hands makes it easier for you to grab things (including Mommy's hair!) and you like to kick things too (like Daddy's gut!). Oh the changes we're watching you go through. It's so fun to watch you grow! Love you, E!!

ETA: Forgot to mention (knock on wood) that you're actually starting to enjoy being in your carseat!!! No more crying for my little one :)

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what a handsome little man!! love the ducky pool- great idea!!