Cleaning & Housework; Getting things done with a baby

Since E was born I always rushed to get things done while he was asleep. It's just easier that way because when he's awake he's either eating, wants constant interaction or wants to be held. Well for the past few weeks he's been spending more and more time alone. No, I don't leave him places alone. I mean he's been hanging out on his activity mat longer, staying in his swing and not sleeping, playing in his bouncer and even sitting in his car seat for longer.

One of the best things we received for the baby was the bouncer we got. It is my life saver when I want to take showers and it keeps E entertained when I'm doing laundry in the garage or putting things up and down from the clothesline outside. He stays in there and either watches me or plays and talks to his hanging toys. It's great because I know he's safe and I get things done!

Another great thing is his activity mat. I will bring laundry in to be folded and set up the activity mat on our bed. I turn on a little Regina Spektor on the iHome and we both sing as I fold clothes. Yes, E sings along... it might sound like squealing but he's singing :) He does his tummy time for 1/2 the time and than I turn him over when he gets sick of that and he looks at the hanging animals that he so frequently talks to.

I have, in a pinch, also used his car seat to sit him in while I do things around the house. Sometimes both the bouncer and activity mat are in the back bedroom and I need to clean the kitchen or the living room & dining room so I lay him in the car seat and make sure he can see me. I than talk to him while moving around the house and he can last 15-20 minutes before getting sick of being there. Than I just move him to the swing...

I LOVE his swing :) It's so great. It's the only place he'll fall asleep besides my arms (we're going to start working on that). I don't feel bad for putting him in there because he actually likes it. And when I time it right he falls asleep within 10 minutes 99% of the time. If I time it wrong... well, he fusses for about 10 more minutes and than falls asleep. Or he's not really ready to go to sleep and I take him out.

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