E's Baptism

Ewas baptized yesterday into the Catholic church. He was a trooper. He was awake and alert through the whole thing and only started to cry at the end (after the baptism was over). He wanted to look around at everyone the whole time and didn't even mind the water although it shocked him a bit!

The scariest part of the whole day? When the priest decided to take both babies (two were being baptized that day) down the aisle, one in each arm, and E's head was bobbing around! Yup, the priest had a great hold on the other baby (Leo Anthony) but E was moving so much that he didn't get a good grip. I was sooo afraid that my baby was going to fall out of the priest's arms but God really was looking out for him :) My dad says that my face was priceless when the priest started walking down the aisle... talk about a heart attack!

We should have more pictures coming to us from Joseph's mother and aunts and my stepmom so check back for more shots!

E and his godfather, Andrew (Joseph's Brother)

Joseph, Me, the priest (visiting priest... don't know his name but need to get it!), Andrew

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Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

Precious photos - he looks MASSIVE in your arms in the group shot. Awwww I so much wish I could have been there <3

PS your hair looks great! lush!

Tammy said... Reply To This Comment

Love the pic of Andrew and Ethan!

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

Sweet sweet baby! I wish I would have known -- was this something that I should have been at as a friend? Or not? I don't know, ours are always packed with everyone!

I really need to meet this baby!! I am such a bad bad book club auntie!

Pilar said... Reply To This Comment

I agree with Natalie, I think we "should" have known :o) It's a big deal!!! Congrats!!!

mrsdanigirl8 said... Reply To This Comment

Sorry ladies! I was going to invite all friends but Joseph didn't think we had enough room for 30+ family members and friends at the house...