Dear Ethan: Seven Weeks Old

You've started blowing bubbles. It's so cute and I don't even know if you know what you're doing. I wasn't expecting this so early. I guess those saliva glands get to work early :)

You're holding your head up higher during tummy time! You have gotten up to about 6 inches off the ground and are playing on your tummy longer (up to 10 minutes at a time!). You love your activity mat and have conversations with the toys every day. At first I wondered if you were just talking out loud but then I saw that you made eye contact with each animal before you started talking to it.

You've been transitioning to sleeping in bed, and not on mommy, at night. It's wonderful to wake up and see you between Mommy and Daddy fast asleep. You fit perfectly between us! I'm not sure I can give this up and try and place you in the bassinet or crib. I'm sure Daddy won't mind co-sleeping for just a bit longer. He loves when he wakes up next to you just as much as I do. He loves you soo much!

Mommy left you for the first time since you were born. I went to Auntie Amanda's bachelorette party and was gone from 6pm to 11:30pm. I missed you like crazy and couldn't wait to get home. I was so happy to come home and find you and Daddy fast asleep in bed. Daddy placed your head on my pillow and tucked you in. It was soo cute! And I heard you ate a whole 7 ounces while I was gone! Such a big boy.

You're growing so fast. Next week you'll be 8 weeks old already! I can't believe it!

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