Amanda's Bachelorette Party

Last Saturday I threw my good friend, Amanda, a bachelorette party. She's getting married next week (April 25th) and I knew I had to do something different than the "typical" bachelorette party for her. She's a totally laid back, fun gal and sometimes the club scene just isn't her thing. So I asked her what she wanted and she said she wanted to go to a Padres game and than maybe out to a pub afterwards (she loves everything and anything Irish... hence why they're going to Ireland for their honeymoon).

So I got to planning. At first (not thinking about the little one I would have) I was going to do a game, than bar hopping and than staying the night at a hotel downtown. As the date got closer (and I had Ethan) I began to realize that it might not be the best idea to bar hop and spend the night at a hotel. My thoughts were confirmed when all but two people couldn't stay the night. So I ordered tickets to the Padres game and made sure we sat in the All-You-Can-Eat seats so we could eat before going out for a drink. Afterwards we headed to the Tilted Kilt for a few shots and some drinks.

I have to say that the group of ladies who went were so much fun! I had only met 3 of the 6 girls who came along (not including Amanda) once or twice before the party so I wasn't sure how everyone would get together but everyone was just wonderful. We have the pictures to show just how much fun we had :)

And if you're wondering how Ethan did... or more importantly how Joseph did, they did great! Ethan and Daddy played for about 1/2 an hour after I left. Than Ethan got hungry even though I had just nursed him before leaving. Daddy gave him a 4 oz bottle and than put him in the swing to sleep. He woke up 2 hours later and was hungry again so Daddy gave him a 3 oz bottle. It was time for bed so Daddy changed him and layed him down in our bed after turning off the lights and TV. Ethan moved around a bit and than fell asleep! Yup. I came home to find both of them fast asleep next to each other in bed. Talk about a great thing!

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