Dear E: One Week Old

I cannot believe it baby boy... you're already a week old. Time has flown by. I can't imagine a more perfect baby. You're so calm and soothing. You make me and Daddy so happy.

Your little faces are sometimes too much for us. You make us giggle just watching you. Your sounds and grunts are hilarious... something between a baby squirrel and a dolphin. You have the most perfect head, round and full of soft, blonde hair. Your eyes are grey blue. It'll be interesting to see what color they turn into.

You have long fingers and fingernails just like Daddy but Daddy thinks you'll have Flintstone feet like me. I'm not sure about that yet :) Your legs are super long and you are getting more and more comfortable stretching them out. You like to sooth yourself with your arms and hands. You have mastered sucking on your arm/fingers when a pacifier isn't in reach. You have amazing neck control for such a little one. Everyone's always surprised when they see you try to hold your head up! You sneeze in twos and threes like me :) Daddy figured that one out!

Like I said before... you're perfect!

Your first week was a busy one. Monday was our first day home. We relaxed and tried to get into the swing of things. Tuesday your Auntie Tessa, Auntie Janelle & Charlie came over to visit in the morning. You slept for the most part but we got a few cute photos of Charlie and you.

We also went for your first doctor's appointment. We had quite a time there... We went an hour early to get some blood drawn for you since you were a bit jaundiced when we left the hospital. We were told that an hour would be enough time to get the results back before our appointment. Well... whoever told us that was wrong. Our appointment was at 1:30 and we weren't seen till 2:45. Talk about a mix up. They had to send the blood all the way to the hospital to be analyzed since Vandevere doesn't do those tests anymore. The test did show that you had a higher level of jaundice so the pediatrician wanted me to suppliment with formula until my milk came in. I was happy that we only had to use the formula one night because the next morning my milk came in!

You had a few more visitors on Wednesday. Your godmother came over to make Daddy and me dinner. It wasn't till the next day that Daddy realized she served us chicken on Ash Wednesday :) That was pretty funny. Mommy's friend Meghan came over and so did Aunt Louise and Aunt Carol. Aunt Louise brought a few yummy frozen dinners for Mommy & Daddy.

Thursday we went to Costco for a few staples. You did wonderful in your carseat and in the sling. You slept the whole time! And we found a glider at Costco for cheaper than anywhere else we looked. Daddy was very happy. We also went for our first walk with Scout and Jetta The dogs and you did great. You slept the whole time!

On Friday we had the carpets cleaned so we could finish your nursery. We went to Target to pick up a crib mattress Than Daddy went to go pick up your crib from Uncle Jeremy & Aunt Julia's. He put it all together and finished up all of the other little details of your room. It's just beautiful!

On Saturday Auntie Tessa came over o take your newborn pictures. You must have known we wanted you to sleep because it took you almost two hours to settle down. I can't wait to see how they turned out! Saturday night G-pa Steve and Grandma Cathy came over and brought dinner with them... mmmm! Cathy even made a batch of cookies that Daddy gobbled up.

Sunday was a nice lazy day. We took the dogs for another walk and had a relaxing day trying to soak in the last day Daddy had off work.

Its been so wonderful having you in our lives. Our family now feels complete!

Pictures of the nursery and first week to come soon...

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