What next?

So now that we're done with the kitchen remodel I really want to start sprucing up the rest of the house. I like going from room to room and completing one room at a time. So I'm torn between starting with the front or the back of the house.

I'm thinking I want to start with the living/dining room since the things I want to do are easy...

1. Paint the white wall with the TV
2. Re-surface/update the fireplace (possibly flagstone?)
3. Update/re-finish/re-upholster the furniture (Joseph's thinking about getting a leather couch)
4. Remove a few pieces of furniture and move to other parts of the house
5. Create a family picture wall on the wall with full paneling
6. Get new window treatments to match sliding glass door with window in dining room

Here are a few photos of our living room and dining room:


Overview showing paneling & wall with TV (we aren't removing the paneling... special meaning for Joseph. The paneling came from his grandmother's house. His and his brothers heights were recorded in the corner of the paneling)

Dining Room (Thomasville table & hutch set were gifted to us & table has been professionally re-surfaced. We have matching end tables in the living room that we need to re-surface)

But then again we are already starting with the nursery (Joseph started scraping wallpaper this weekend and will be finishing painting by next weekend) as soon as the kitchen was complete. So why not just continue into the bedroom or the guest bathroom?

Joseph's been talking about doing the guest bathroom before my mom comes into town (end of March). Do you think it'd be doable for him to work on the bathroom and me on the living room?

And the bathroom would be simple:

1. Remove/replace tub
2. Remove/replace tub fixtures
3. Install shower curtain in place of shower doors (easier to give baby a bath)
4. Re-tile bath tub
5. Flooring - thinking tile
6. Paint
7. Decorate (already have most of the decorations)

So what would be the easiest way to move forward? I know we have a lot of time and we'll definitely be spacing the projects out with a little one right around the corner but I think we should at least do the things that won't cost us money right now.

We already have paint for the living room and bathroom and can easily move things around to make the place more inviting. I could even try to make covers for the overstuffed chair and couch but it might be easier to just buy them :)

Decisions, decisions.

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