39 Weeks... the home stretch

Well folks... we're almost to the finish line. I cannot believe how close I am to holding this little bundle of joy on the outside. I'm excited. It's like the calm before the storm in our house. Joseph and I have been relaxing for the past few weeks and slowly getting things taken care of.

We finished painting the nursery and are going to pick up the crib from my dad this weekend. We're still choosing what glider to get but Joseph's going to look at a few tonight (I put him in charge but gave him strict guidelines). My request was a Dutalier brand with a matching ottoman... cream or light fabric and wood (not painted) frame. I'm hoping that he orders this before I give birth but don't mind either way. I can wait a bit.

We have the pack n' play set up in the bedroom. That sort of upset Jetta our husky. She usually sleeps on my side of the bed right under the window and that's exactly where the PNP was placed. So being the nice mommy I am, I put a pillow down on the floor next to the PNP (but also next to my head) so she could still curl up on that side. She's loving it so far. Not sure how much she'll love it when there's a crying baby in the PNP.

We also set up the bouncer/vibrator seat and put it in the living room and have kept the nursery door open through all of the changes so that the dogs can sense that there's a change coming. I'm hoping that this is enough to prepare them but I'm sure anything we do won't get them fully prepared. Neither have been around newborns before (only infants and toddlers) so it will be an experience for us all.

39 Weeks - Covered Belly (that isn't a maternity shirt):

39 Weeks - Bare Belly (look at those stretch marks!):

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BBKiddo said... Reply To This Comment

You look great! Your belly is beautiful. I can't wait to meet the little munchkin that's living in there :)

Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

Look at that belly compared to your early side shots!

Kflkdsjflkdjs I am so excited for this baby!