Kicks are AMAZING

I cannot say how much I love feeling this little one kick. Remember these feet? It's like the greatest feeling in the world. And I think that it's getting stronger each day. Until this week I've only felt it a little bit every once in a while. I almost didn't think it was baby. But now I know it's most definitely baby. I cannot wait until Joseph feels it on the outside. Monday night (21w4d) I felt baby on the outside when Joseph was reading to us before bed. I tried to get Joseph to put his hand there before it stopped but he was too slow. Hopefully next time...

I wanted to share the theme of the nursery. We were going with a specific theme and I picked out the perfect bedding but than found out it was discontinued so we started to search again. We found something similar and decided to go with it. We already picked out the paint (including the wall colors) so we wanted to compliment the colors. I really wanted to go with neutral so we went as neutral as we could. Here's a link to the bedding. I love the animals and the color scheme. Do you know how hard it is to find bedding that isn't girl or boy geared? Super hard.

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Tessa said... Reply To This Comment

OMG Dani, that's so close what we picked out for Belle's room. It was called "Malawi" or something like that. Lots of yellow, blue and green!!

BTW, love all of the belly pictures on the side of your blog. Too cute!!!

Tammy said... Reply To This Comment

In about a month or two, after you eat dinner, lay down on your back and watch the baby roll across your belly...that was my favorite time when I was pregnant with you. Aunt Cindy used to sit across from me and just stare...pretty awe inspiring!