Fertility Friend: Charting

I was going through my old bookmarks trying to clean things up (and procrastinating about cleaning my house...) and saw my fertilityfriend.com link. For those of you who don't know, I've been charting for about 2 1/2 years now. What this means is that I take my temperature and check my cervical fluid every day to determine if I am fertile and when I ovulate. I have been using this to avoid pregnancy but have been lax only twice in temping and checking and both times ended up pregnant :)

So I think the system works... if you use it correctly. I love that I don't have to take birth control or use any other form of contraceptive because my body tells me when to and when not to have sex. It's a pretty easy process and actually has helped me in the long run because I now know my body a lot better than I did before. I used to think that every month I was starting to get a yeast infection... turns out that every month I was just becoming more and more fertile. Silly me. But now I know and I can teach any future daughters and nieces as well so they don't think they're getting yeast infections.

To end this post I wanted to share two charts that are special to me. The first is my first BFP (big fat positive) chart and the second is my current BFP chart. As you can tell in both my temps stayed high throughout and didn't drop off as they usually do when you aren't pregnant and are beginning to start your period.

Oh, and pregnancy symptoms have been in full swing since yesterday :) Yay nausea and tender breasts!

First BFP (9/1/07):

Second BFP (6/9/08):

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